Application deadline passed on January 13, 2017
Terms and Conditions

Gilead Research Fellowship Program

Each award is subject to the following terms and conditions. If you are selected as an Award Recipient, you and your host institution must agree to these terms and conditions.

A. Financial Administration

The award will be issued to the host institution on behalf of the Award Recipient. The total value of each award is $100,000 and will be paid in annual installments of $50,000 per year for 2 years. Funding for the second year is contingent upon submission of a progress report and Committee approval. The award funds may be used to support the Award Recipient's salary and standard fringe benefits (i.e., health insurance), technical salaries, supplies, travel to scientific meetings, and equipment. The award may not be used to support institutional indirect costs. A financial record must be maintained by the host institution. This record must be made available for audit at the request of Gilead Sciences or its designee upon 72-hour notice.

B. Program Progress Reports

Each Award Recipient must submit a progress report to the Research Scholars Program Coordinator 1 year following award issue. This report must include a summary of the Award Recipient's research and interim findings, and will be reviewed by the Committee. Based upon input of the Committee, if the progress report is not submitted, Gilead Sciences reserves the right to withhold disbursement of the second $50,000 installment.

The Award Recipient must also submit a final report to the Research Scholars Program Coordinator within 3 months of the termination of the award. Award Recipients may be asked to present their work in person at the annual Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension awards dinner. Reprints of articles published (or in press) based on the Award Recipient´┐Żs research should be included with all reports.

C. Publications

Award Recipients are encouraged to present their findings at scientific meetings and to publish them in peer-reviewed scientific journals. All publications that result from the Award Recipient's research must carry the following acknowledgment: "This research was supported by the Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension."

Gilead Sciences is interested in documenting the success of this program. Award Recipients are requested to forward their manuscripts to the Gilead Sciences Medical Affairs Liaison simultaneous with submission for publication or other public disclosure (including abstracts).

D. Biohazards and Protection

Proposals that involve any biohazard or participation of animals or human subjects require explicit assurance of adequate safety precautions and accepted standards. Applications for research activities involving human subjects must submit certification of appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval. Such assurance must be detailed on the Application Form.

E. Intellectual Property

The host institution shall retain ownership of inventions resulting from work supported by the Research Scholars Program. The host institution shall disclose to the Research Scholars Program Coordinator such inventions within 30 days of invention or 30 days prior to the disclosure of the invention to any third party, whichever is earlier. If requested by Gilead, the host institution shall apply for patent(s) on the invention at Gilead's expense.

The host institution shall grant Gilead a right of first negotiation for an exclusive license to any such invention(s) and resulting patents. The terms of any agreement relating to such rights will be negotiated in good faith by the parties.

F. Award Transfer or Discontinuation

The Research Scholars Program Coordinator must be notified immediately if the Award Recipient discontinues the research project or leaves the host institution.

The award may be transferred to another institution at the sole discretion of the Committee. If a transfer is requested, letters from the Award Recipient and the new host institution must be submitted to the Research Scholars Program Coordinator at least 3 months before the date of the proposed transfer and a new mentor must be identified. Additionally, the new host institution must accept the terms and conditions of the award.

If the host institution or the Award Recipient wishes to terminate the award before its completion, an agreement between the host institution and Gilead Sciences may be arranged. Termination will be made with the understanding that all funds will be returned to the Research Scholars Program and any remaining award will be terminated.